ForceN is enabling aerospace, automation, robotic and other high-tech industries to collect and transmit multi-axial, noise-immune, drift-proof, and sensitive force-data in real-time. The ForceFilm can be laminated onto any structure to indirectly sense the minutest forces applied. The paper-thin ForceFilm sensor is precise, compact, robust and is complete system that includes: sensor, backend and full digital communication unlike any other technology in the market. Our Technology


Objectives during FIA Connect:

  • Connect with OEMs in aerospace, defence, robotics, automotive, automation, human-machine-interfaces.
  • Connect with Tier 2 suppliers to the above OEMs.
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Event details

Date: July 20 - 24, 2020

Event contact

Rita Patlan
Senior International Market Consultant
Europe: Aerospace and Defence, Environmental Technologies and Infrastructure


34 in total